Why Attend?

It’s time to think differently about design

We’ll be talking about what it means to be a designer in today’s world, how the role is evolving and why design and creative thinking is essential to us in our world.

Join our expert speakers in the relaxed and intimate atmosphere of the Parabola arts centre in the heart of the cotswolds.

You don’t have to be a designer to come along either, what we talk about affects everyone.

Here’s the 2 big subjects we’ll be tackling at this years festival.

What’s the role of a designer now?

Do we just design stuff, or do we use our design skills to change the way people think, in order to innovate and solve complex problems?

What’s the role of design?

Is design just what we see on the surface, or does it run deeper? Can design change the world, and how?

How do people, organisations and countries change their thinking on what ‘design’ is so we can address the needs of people and solve real problems.

Is design how it looks or how it works?

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What our speakers will be talking about?

To give you an insight into our talks, here’s an idea of some of the big questions we’ll be tackling at this years festival.

Are leaders born, or can they be designed?

What if I told you that the key to true innovation and strong leadership comes down to design thinking? Hear from Rama Gheerawo, director at the Helen Hamlyn centre for design at the Royal College of Arts, who will demonstrate the relevance and value of design thinking for all industry sectors.

Can design be the saviour of the UK Government?

What if I told that there is a way to bring the voice of real people to the table when new government policies are being discussed?

Camilla Buchanan the senior Policy Designer for the Policy Lab at the Cabinet office will explain how these new modes of practice could help us in both practical and phychologly sygnificant ways.

How can trainers made from illegal fishing nets save the ocean?

What if I told you that design could be an agent for change? Hear from Alexander Taylor, Industrial designer and innovation consultant to addidas on the responsibility of todays designers and how they need to be open to collaboration to make change happen.

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What is the Cheltenham Design Festival?

A 3 day festival of design where designers, thinkers and innovators come together to discuss how design can bring us all together and make us happier.

Who is it for?

Anyone interested in design, who wants to gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of the impact design has on our lives.

When can I go?

Friday 1st November to Sunday 3rd of November, 2019

Where is it happening?

The Parabola Arts Centre, 10 Parabola Rd, Cheltenham GL50 3AA

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